I am on a summer dive team, and I’ve been working on reverse drills for about a week now (a reverse dive is jumping forwards off the board and doing a back dive towards the board, and a reverse flip—or ‘gainer’—is jumping forwards off the board and doing a backflip).  While doing the drills (basically half a reverse off the side of the pool instead of off the board), I assumed I would do a reverse flip off the board because I’d been told they’re actually easier than reverse dives.  I knew I needed to do one eventually, and that I couldn’t just keep doing the drills, but every time I got on the board, I thought about it too much and couldn’t do it.

Today, we decided to come back in the evening to work more on our dives.  It took me about an hour and a half, but I finally found the courage to just do it.  The first time, I didn’t get all the way around so I landed mostly on my shoulders.  Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt, which gave me the courage to try again.  The second time, I ended up doing a reverse dive, which is actually better to have right now than a reverse flip because it’s sort of mandatory for my age group, and I cannot do the substitute dive well.  I cannot describe how thrilled I was!  I continued to practice them for another forty minutes or so, and the lifeguards and parents who were there were very encouraging and excited when I was able to do the reverse dive, and it reminded me of how much I enjoy the community at our pool and how much I love all the coaches and lifeguards.  Now I can’t wait to show my dive coaches tomorrow morning!

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