A New School Year

(I have two unfinished poems, so hopefully I will post them soon.)

And so it begins again (well, in a week).  I think I am ready to start school.  It’s always difficult to get into the mindset of doing schoolwork (and actually accomplishing things), but I am starting to anticipate the busyness of the school year instead of the slow, quietness of summer break.  Not to say that summer break is all relaxation: on the contrary, it is always busier than expected, but summer busyness is different from school busyness in that it is not mentally stimulating.  I also enjoy having more of a structured schedule, which helps me to accomplish more and to stay on track with reading my Bible and praying.  I am thankful for the change of pace and heightened ability to focus that school gives me (even though I don’t enjoy every subject).  Why are you thankful for the school year?

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