Saying Goodbye

Schoolwork finally became too much and I just could’t take time out of the week to post.  I will now start again, with a poem, of course 🙂




Hey, I haven’t known you for very long,

But I was just thinking the other day

That this might be the last time I ever see you.


And I know we haven’t had much time

To get to know each other very well,

But I know that I wish I knew you better.


You’re a person I want to know, and I hope

That I’m a person you might be friends with,

But we may never know each other

Any better than we do today.


I’ve never minded saying goodbye because

I always assumed I’d see people again.

But now my perfect glass fantasy is shattered—


And I don’t want to say goodbye to you.


I haven’t written much in free verse recently, but I just had this poem inside me.  I have been thinking a lot about my friends who will be going to college (including two of my music teachers), and I suddenly realized for the first time that I might never, ever see some people again.  To tell the truth, I will probably see at least most of them again, but I was also thinking about the friends I have made through my sister, who’s in college, and how I’ll probably never see them after they graduate.  Several of them even live in other countries, which just makes it less likely.  It all reminds me of a quote from Charles Dickens’ novel, Little Dorrit: “And thus ever, by day and night, under the sun and under the stars, climbing the dusty hills and toiling along the weary plains, journeying by land and journeying by sea, coming and going so strangely, to meet and to act and react on one another, move all we restless travelers through the pilgrimage of life.”

I guess I’m beginning to see the patterns weaved by the threads of each of our individual lives as we cross, interact with, and part ways with other threads.  Each person will touch and change our lives just as will we do to theirs; and then we shall part, though always leaving each person a little bit different because of our friendship.

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