Silence—Confiding – by me


Silence is safety,

Safety from confiding.

Confiding is openness,

Openness is pain.

Pain brings growth,

Growth brings healing;

But healing somewhere new,

.     Somewhere different,

.          Somewhere better,

.               Somewhere that we could never have been before

If not for openness, and pain, and growth.

So we start again—I’ll start with you.


I had a double bass lesson with the university professor here, and I barely know him, but I was talking with him about how I’m not sure what to do in college.  I told him what I enjoy, and he was advising me as to what he thinks would be a good fit for me.  Afterwards, I wondered why I opened up to him when I don’t know him well.  I came up with the solution that I, with my personality, need to confide in someone, and I hadn’t talked with a friend in a long time.  I tend to be a very confiding person—most of my friends know some personal struggles of mine because I’m just an open person.  An acquaintance of mine described it as giving pieces of her heart to people, and I think that’s an accurate way to put it.  My poem describes it well, too: it hurts to open up to people, and (as I’m finding lately) it hurts to be honest with people.  Sometimes, it really tears you apart.  But there is always healing and, hopefully, a stronger friendship on the other side of the struggle.

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