Rained-out Caroling Party

December rain

Falls so cold

On frozen grain

And carolers bold.


Who would think that a group of carolers could get rained out on December 15th?  We sang for one couple (the husband started crying—it was so sweet), and as soon as they closed the door, it started sprinkling.  Before we left the driveway, it was a full-blown, short-lived downpour (common in the Midwest).  Soaked, we returned home (some of us running) and drank apple cider and hot chocolate.  We were planning on singing around the piano, but several of the girls had just returned from college for break, so we ended up just talking.  Pilates, professors, and the differences between boys and girls were a few of the topics :).  I’d forgotten how much I like socializing; this was the first time all semester I’ve hung out at a social event and talked!

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