Practicality (and season’s greetings)

What could this thing be that’s called practicality?

Could you tell its boundaries to me?

Is it, perhaps, a disease of some sort?

It’s infected many, they report.


And what is this thing that’s turned ever so many

Away from what they want to be?

It seems that the world would see happiness increase

If only this spreading would cease.


I want to major in music, and when I tell people of my college plans, I am often met with the reaction, “Well, you’d better minor in something practical so you can get a job.”  Tell you what, I am going to try my hardest to support myself doing what I love.  I’d rather be living simply and loving it than living in extravagance and hating my life.

On an unrelated note, have a happy Christmas!  We’re going to be in Ireland over the holidays, so hopefully many poems (and songs) will be born from our experiences!

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