Confusion—Two Poems


How quickly life changes from day unto day—

The eye of the storm is a breath in between

Confusion and chaos.  I start to decay;

I’m drowning in water so deep, yet unseen.



Disappointment and fear of failure; tears

Choked back till they cloud up my eyes and my ears.

I can’t see my perspective or hear their advice—

Take a leap in the dark and don’t ask them the price.


I wrote the first one in the fall, and though I’m not really drowning this semester, I can still start to get overwhelmed.  It’s so hard to remember to trust God with my whole life when everything can look so confusing and disjointed.  He is all that remains constant, and I must put my faith in His all-knowing.

I wrote the second one back in December, and I’m still on the same problem: what to do in college.  I’m bouncing back and forth between double bass and piano, and part of my problem with deciding is that I can’t separate what others have encouraged me to do from what I want to do.  There’s a lot more going into the decision than that, but that’s one of the issues.  Don’t ask the price of the decision—it’s so difficult to make a decision that looks so permanent (even though I know it’s not)!  Another opportunity to trust God.

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