Celebration Dance

Red and gold mingle this evening,

Dancing with frivolous abandon.

The beautiful ladies in purple silk skirts

Stand by, but not without interest.


Attentive, sweet mothers hovering overhead,

All garbed in white linen pleats,

Say, “Someone is crying by the wall—

“We must comfort the bleeding hearts.”


And over and around all the flowers that dance

Are the new and tender green leaves—

Protecting, housing, guarding and shading,

They keep watch both by day and by night.



Tulips and daffodils in the first and second lines; azaleas in the third and fourth; magnolia trees in the fifth and sixth; and, of course, bleeding hearts in the seventh and eighth.  That’s most of what has bloomed so far.  What beautiful flowers are you enjoying this spring?  And do tell: what or who did you think the characters of this poem were at first?

As a random side-note, The Weepies’ new album “Sirens” comes out in less than two weeks!!!!

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