All alone in the moonlight…” (I couldn’t resist 🙂 ).  I know, it’s been forever since I’ve written.  Here’s a poem I wrote in the first week of school this fall—I thought about giving you context, but I’m kind of curious about how it will affect you without you knowing what it’s actually about…


—She Reminds Me—

What on earth is she doing?

She sits in the corner crying—

Crying, but not just, for she

Can’t stop writing, she

writes like the devil is watching her write

And now she stops


But she doesn’t stop writing writing and writing

And writing she can’t stop

Until she drinks coffee.


She was singing

Before, when I looked at her

And she didn’t look at me

She was singing.

She was singing along with the music in her head

The music that was being poured into her head

That only she could hear


Fabricated music


Created to be old, to be

Heard long after it was made


She looks like Alex.

When she looked at me, after she had

Finished crying,

She didn’t look like anyone but herself

But with her head




As she writes,

She looks like Alex

And I feel like crying.

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