I Dream of Ireland

As always, I find myself missing Ireland.  Right now, I particularly miss Dublin and the Liffey, and I am consoling myself by reading The Road Round Ireland by Padraic Colum. Here’s an amazing quote from George Moore that Padraic includes in a discussion about Dublin and the literary revival (emphasis mine) :

…I began to ask myself if I were the victim of an hallucination.  Had I come over to Ireland?  Else surely Ireland had lost her reality?  The problem was an interesting one, and getting it well before me, I began to consider if it might be that through excessive indulgence in dreams for over a hundred years the people had at last dreamed themselves and Ireland away.  And this was a possibility that engaged my thoughts as we crossed Carlisle Bridge.  I put it to myself in this way :  reality can destroy the dream, why shouldn’t the dream be able to destroy reality?

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